10. Is there any way to mitigate the consequences of earthquake?

In order to mitigate the consequences of an earthquake it is necessary to reduce seismic risk, and this can be done through structural and non-structural measures.

Structural measures: application of engineering solutions to reinforce existing structures and to build new structures (houses, infrastructure, lifelines), etc.;

Non-structural measures: monitoring activities, seismologic studies, land management policies aiming to reduce the vulnerability and exposition of population in the risky areas, information and education campaigns, emergency management plans, rehabilitation and re-construction plans, etc.

As the risk rises with high levels of vulnerability and exposure, local societies need first to decide which risk level is acceptable for their development priorities.

The main ways to mitigate consequences of seismic risks are therefore based on:

  • assessment of the risk;
  • prevention measures: structural and non structural;
  • preparedness and response: emergency planning and management, drills, ability to deal with risk and foster resilience, etc.