9. Is there any way to prevent drought and desertification?

It is easier to prevent the factors leading to drought and desertification than it is to treat the symptoms. Early warning systems which can forecast drought and sandstorms (causes of desertification) make it possible to implement plans in preparation for these in a timely manner. In the case of drought, there are several strategies or measures that could be implemented on farms, notably concerning replacement crops, soil and water protection systems and water recovery techniques. These measures could increase the resistance of soils to drought and would allow production to meet the levels needed; they would lead to a reduction in the number of ecological refugees and cases of drought would no longer be such an emergency. With regard to sandstorms (a cause of desertification), devices and means of protection could be placed at the public’s disposal (e.g. telephones or refuges) in order to help them protect themselves from the dangers of sandstorms.

Intervention devices for redirecting assistance are also necessary in preparation for periods of great shortage or even famine.

To surmount the risks linked to drought and desertification, good management of potential crises would include assigning to the most competent department the task of establishing an inter-sectoral unit to manage risks.

NB: when locating intervention units during storms or the very hot season, the parameter outstrip must be taken into account to allow for the greatest efficiency during emergency operations.