8. Can landscape fires be predicted?

Landscape fire occurrence can be predicted by fire danger rating systems. Fire danger rating systems have been developed in many fire-prone regions around the world to assist authorities in a variety of fire management activities such as assessing the potential for fires and issuing fire warning. Traditionally, these systems combine different environmental variables affecting landscape fire behavior, such as weather data (e.g., temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction), terrain properties (e.g., slope and aspects) and fuel characteristics (e.g., type and load), into numerical fire danger indices. Such indices are designed to provide a quantifiable measure of the potential for landscape fires to ignite, spread and be suppressed.

Global fire danger map with location of active landscape fires over the last 24 hours (black dots). Source: GFMC.
Regional European fire danger map. Source: JRC / EFFIS.
Public information by forest and land management on the local fire danger. In this case of Syria the green color indicates low fire danger, yellow medium (or moderate) and red = high. Source: GFMC.