7.1. More information on the consequences of Landslides influenced by human behaviour

The consequences of landslides can be influenced by human behaviour in relation to the possibility to answer to the questions “where?”, “why?” and “when?” a landslide phenomenon will occur and to realize an appropriate territorial planning.

From a practical point of vieuw it means to implement a reliable landslide hazard and risk zoning.

In particular, hazard zoning should be devoted to prevent further increase of risk, which could produce both an unacceptable number of casualties and economic hardship.

For example, in many countries the development of urban areas takes place in landslide prone areas with a fair or without control by a local planning.

Landslide hazard and risk zoning anyhow is not, however a simple topic because the landslides are associated with a displacement of masses due to several conditioning factors and under the effect of different triggering factors.

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Several case histories teach that if the man is able to read the preliminary signs of a disaster many casualties can be avoid.

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