10. Is there any way to mitigate avalanches consequences?

To mitigate avalanche consequences, increasing awareness of public and administrators by avalanche trainings, being conscious and careful in avalanche prone areas are needed besides avalanche measures.

There are also passive measures that are used to secure structures and infrastructures from the possible avalanche impact. Among those we can mention the following: tunnels to protect roads and railways, deviation wedges uphill of buildings, transversal barriers or walls with respect to the avalanche path etc. Anyhow, the best mitigation possible is a proper territorial planning, presuming a good knowledge of the avalanche hazard of the area and a hazard zonation that is done also using numerical models simulating snow avalanche dynamics.

Figure 15 - RAMMS - a two-dimensional model (whose output is depicted here on a 3D alpine terrain). The software, developed at the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF of Davos, Switzerland, can compute the evolution of avalanche flow height along the snow avalanche path. Source: www.slf.ch